Symmy in kde-review

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Dec 3 22:14:58 GMT 2017

El dijous, 23 de novembre de 2017, a les 10:34:41 CET, Elvis Angelaccio va 
> Hi,
> symmy has been moved to kde-review for the usual review process.
> It's a tiny frontend for the symmetric encryption functionality of GPG. It
> doesn't handle signing or public/private keys, as we already have kgpg or
> kleopatra for that.
> Symmy can be useful if you have to send some sensitive file to someone, of
> if you want to store it on some proprietary cloud service.
> It comes with a CLI application and plugins for GUI integration with
> Dolphin/Plasma.

I built symmy and did:
 * cd builddir
 * symmy Makefile 
 * wrote a password

Now what? Where is my encrypted file?

Also i'd say that the i18n from symmy/plugin won't load the symmy catalog? you 
probably want to use the i18nd variants?

And you also KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain in your main.cpp?


> I'd like to move it to either extragear-utils or kde-utils, if everything
> looks good.
> Thanks,
> Elvis

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