How to install icons for multiple themes

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Fri Apr 21 11:33:09 BST 2017

Milian Wolff wrote:
>> > ECM installs to e.g.:
>> > 
>> > /home/milian/projects/compiled/other/share/icons/breeze/16x16/apps/
>> > hotspot.svgz
>> > 
>> > Strace shows me the nearest match it looks into:
>> > /home/milian/projects/compiled/kf5/share/icons/breeze/apps/16/hotspot.svg

Pretty much ALL the other icon themes around use the 16x16/apps naming
scheme. I think it even used to be mandated by the fd.o spec. At least all
the ones I have installed (except for Breeze) do so, in alphabetical order:
Adwaita, Bluecurve, crystalsvg, gnome, hicolor, HighContrast, locolor,
oxygen. I am pretty sure most other themes around on the network do, too.
Breeze is really the odd one out.

> sorry for the delay and thanks for the response. The above makes me wonder
> about the functionality of ecm_install_icons. As it stands, it is
> completely broken for anything but the hicolor theme, don't you agree? I
> would say we should fix it there, somehow...

As you can see above, it is only really broken for the Breeze theme.

Instead of removing useful functionality from ECM, wouldn't it make more
sense to fix the Breeze paths to match the other themes?

The Fedora package actually creates a whole hierarchy of empty directories
such as 16x16/apps under Breeze:

I think it would really be helpful to make Breeze match the de-facto
standard directory hierarchy.

        Kevin Kofler

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