How to install icons for multiple themes

Matthias Klumpp matthias at
Thu Apr 20 10:34:39 BST 2017

2017-04-20 11:30 GMT+02:00 Milian Wolff <mail at>:
> [...]
> Hey Albert,
> sorry for the delay and thanks for the response. The above makes me wonder
> about the functionality of ecm_install_icons. As it stands, it is completely
> broken for anything but the hicolor theme, don't you agree? I would say we
> should fix it there, somehow...
> It is very unfortunate that the themes can come up with their own path
> mapping...

Indeed - unfortunately it's to late to change that now :-/

> How do other applications deal with this situation? Should the apps only
> install hicolor, and the other per-theme icons be submitted to the
> corresponding icon themes?

That's exactly how this is intended to work, anything except the
hicolor/locolor default themes is essentially expected to be


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