How to install icons for multiple themes

Milian Wolff mail at
Mon Apr 17 21:27:15 BST 2017

Hey all,

how is one supposed to install different versions of icons for different icon 
themes? Say I have an icon for breeze, breeze-dark and oxygen. I went ahead 
and plumbed it into CMake with ECM's ecm_install_icons specifying THEME 
accordingly, but at runtime nothing is found... Only if I install into hicolor 
does it work for me

Stracing makes me wonder whether the lookup rules match the installation 

ECM installs to e.g.:


Strace shows me the nearest match it looks into:

- this is a wrong prefix, but both are listed in XDG_DATA_DIRS
- it has the wrong directory structure, i.e. it's apps/16 instead of 16x16/
- it doesn't look for the svgz variant, even though ecm_install_icons says so

So, clearly something is majorly broken here... If I install into the hicolor 
theme, things start to work since strace also shows that this path is looked 


So I'm at a loss. At what level is this broken? Is this inside the KDE icon 
subsystem? Is this in ECM? Am I missing some environment variable?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Milian Wolff
mail at
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