Review Request 119025: Actually pass IBUS_DEFINITIONS when compiling ibus-panel

Vadim Zhukov persgray at
Thu Sep 22 21:40:56 BST 2016

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for kde-workspace, Plasma and Hui Ni.

Repository: kimtoy


The ibus-panel can't build on OpenBSD because some required definitions obtained from pkgconfig file are not used. This happens due to the following reasons:

1. IBUS_DEFINITIONS is not used in ibus-panel/CMakeLists.txt
2. IBUS_DEFINITIONS is not saved in cache, and thus isn't available at compile time

This patch resolves both issues and makes ibus-panel compile on OpenBSD.

(I found no suitable review group and therefore used "plasma" instead, as it was in "plasma-addons" previously; please, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong and sorry for any possible inconvenience)

((as there was no feedback for more than a week, I've added "kde-workspace" group to list of reviewers, too))


  ibus-panel/CMakeLists.txt 3a1ee49 



OpenBSD/i386-CURRENT, KDE 4.13 (it doesn't have kimtoy package, of course, but the code is same)


Vadim Zhukov

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