Review Request 128854: Add a Tools button above the process list of System Monitor

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Wed Sep 7 13:15:26 BST 2016

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Review request for KDE Base Apps, Martin Gräßlin, John Tapsell, and Thomas Pfeiffer.

Repository: libksysguard


This adds a new "Tools" button to the ksysguard widget which contains entries to related tools:

- Run Command --> starts KRunner to execute a command
- KSysguard --> starts KSysguard (this is useful because Ctrl+Esc only starts the lightweight System Monitor which has less features)
- Info Center --> starts the Info Center which shows additional system information
- Htop --> starts htop
- Kill a window (Ctrl+Alt+Esc) --> triggers the KWin kill window function. The displayed shortcut is the one set in Global Keyboard Shortcuts. Currently, this shortcut is shown in the End Process... button tooltip but there it is hard-coded.

This RR replaces this old RR


  CMakeLists.txt c7145d405c5264bf356469d7c64c95aa3d327627 
  processui/CMakeLists.txt 324178a5abe318b6bb0cdcde19f5788ae356bcb9 
  processui/ProcessWidgetUI.ui e50f55cf1813b00d49b1716023df487ffbd536e3 
  processui/ksysguardprocesslist.cpp 44603de029323f9605cd0db91da32aa23e8ed98f 



- test if all tools start correctly
- check if a changed shortcut for Kill Window is shown in the tools menu (see screenshot)
- check if for example htop is not installed that there is no menu item for it

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screenshot of the new Tools button


Gregor Mi

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