TRANSLATION_DOMAIN not to be used for app code

Thomas Eschenbacher Thomas.Eschenbacher at
Tue Oct 11 06:00:33 BST 2016

Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> [...]
>>>> What breaks exactly?
>>> Anything using KLocalizedString::applicationDomain()
>> The XMLGUI ones though only fallback to that if the rc file has no domain
>> tag set, so there one would be safe (unless missing the tag, but that is
>> also needed with libs).
>> But kcheckaccelerators testing and KTipDialog seems to indeed rely on that
>> property, was not on my radar, thanks for the info. Guess I simply never
>> used them, so did not affect me.
> You're also missing the "Translators" tab in the application about dialog if 
> you don't set your application domain properly.
> [...]

Yes, I can confirm what Albert says. I did some research, so for your
bug #345320 was releated to this.
I needed to add the call to setApplicationDomain(...) to get
translations in the Help/About plugin (and AFAIR also i18n in the
plugins) working.


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