announcement: Kwave is in kdereview

Thomas Eschenbacher Thomas.Eschenbacher at
Wed Nov 9 18:51:33 GMT 2016

Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> [...]
>> And the next question: are there any blocking points that prevent the
>> application from going on to kdemultimedia? (any things that can not be
>> handled by bugtracking?)
> That's a good question, i would expect [almost] everything we reported during 
> the review phase to be fixed before the actual move happens, after all, that's 
> why we review.
> I guess you think some of the issues we have raised are not critical enough, 
> can you clarify what have you fixed and what you think can be fixed later?

I think I now have fixed all critical issues that have raised:

bogus error message in recording dialog
-> fixed in b6e86a94271ed19f54f30c707f2ea5b56a007af7

locking within class Stripe
-> fixed in 371b787024cf1806e39bf3f77a049e57bb7965d6

startup sequence, missing call to about.setupCommandLine(&cmdline) etc.
-> fixed in 2e9ea84d37d666352e7daec32e69573c81181dc6

memory leaks in Kwave::MenuSub::insertLeaf
-> fixed in 4d6020cfcd08c1bb6e9bca7d8590ecc527def56d

broken i18n of application AboutData
-> fixed in 7e61a9d3732e11ced84aaf6504b927189777512e

use of signal handler in WorkerThread + use QAtomicInt
-> fixed in 01d0d05d07c274d6045b764fb77b9bafd643da57

use of I18N in main.cpp
-> fixed in beec6558c8517443fe4df69a58bcba4daa4a73b8

untranslated strings in menu
-> fixed in 4eb7b681892a8a8cf266ec0d852ba23f6f07ef6d

CMakeLists.txt: remove RPATH settings
-> fixed in 3d33357636182550abde5fa628b86a9e241c05f2

LICENSES file still mentioned Qt-4/KDE-4 libraries
-> fixed in 4a4d71c60d257bb0a1b3fa4b3ddfdc9aeea574ea

debug settings in CMakeLists.txt
-> fixed in 6d4e3039c148a505969b23b1a7e6801871175c33

Some minor ones are NOT fixed:

coding style
-> put on TODO list for next major refactoring / next framework

Kwave::SwapFile should be ported from int to qint64 for all file sizes
-> not possible, rejected

use of "if (false) {" in context of CASE_COMMAND macro
-> nobody has a better idea, not changed

TODO: make kwave available in bugtracking /

=> is that state sufficient for the move to "kdemultimedia" ?


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