How to commit to kruler ?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat May 28 23:30:48 BST 2016

El diumenge, 29 de maig de 2016, a les 0:18:15 CEST, Alexander Neundorf va 
> Hi,
> it seems to me that kruler is basically unmaintained, e.g. the patch for bug
> hasn't been applied since April
> 2013.
> So, I'd like to fix that now.
> How is the procedure for kruler ?
> Do I need to post this to Phabricator for review first ? (I don't expect
> anybody to review it, looking at the activity in the bug report)

AFAIK kruler is not on phabricator, so if you want to push the review 
somewhere it should be reviewboard.

> Or can I simply commit/push ?

You can commit it if you think it's good, you're the reviewer in that case.

I would suggest:
 * removing the this-> calls
 * removing the mAlwaysOnTopLayer variable, just use the setting directly
 * Use a modern style connect 


> Alex

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