[Kde-pim] Qt 4 Builds

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at chello.at
Sun Mar 27 23:50:20 BST 2016

laurent Montel wrote:
> Oh?:)
> Fedora continue to support some programs which are not supported from
> several years before kdepim5 ?

Fedora would not have to do that if you were not removing functionality as 
large as entire applications (!) between releases.

Also, KNode still works great, maybe BECAUSE it is "not supported from 
several years" and so did not get infected with Akonadi. KNode still works 
as well as in the pre-Akonadi days. KMail 2 has become literally 100 to 1000 
times slower (!) and a lot more buggy than KMail 1, simply from getting 
ported to Akonadi.

> Interesting good luck :)
> Better solution to find others new programs which are maintaining no ?

Point me to a maintained NNTP client using Qt, and at least I will happily 
consider switching to it. (At least if it doesn't use Akonadi. ;-) )

This message was brought to you by KNode (through Gmane).

        Kevin Kofler

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