Qt 4 Builds

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Mar 27 21:03:45 BST 2016

El diumenge, 27 de març de 2016, a les 10:57:18 CEST, Ben Cooksley va 
> Hi all,
> As part of the CI overhaul, we've attempted to perform a complete set
> of builds for Qt 4, as it's still (unfortunately) used.
> Sadly, as expected for something nobody has really tried to build for
> ages, many things don't build.
> One of those is the entire PIM suite - because Baloo removed it's Qt 4
> build metadata (meaning as far as the CI system is concerned, Baloo
> has no Qt 4 branches and is Qt 5 only)
> You've two options here:
> 1) Drop Qt 4 PIM.
> 2) Reinstate Baloo's Qt 4 branches.
> I intend to carry out option #1 if there is no response to this.
> As a general anecdote, the community needs to decide if we are going
> to continue releasing and supporting Qt 4 builds at all. Considering
> Qt 4 itself is EOL per upstream I believe, I think it's time we
> followed suit.

For "KDE Applications" repositories, CI should basically build master and 
Applications/16.04, it does not make sense to build the other branches, since 
kde pim repos do not have qt4 between those two branches, yes, drop them.


> Regards,
> Ben

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