Review Request 127102: Use fixed width for digital clock applet

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Wed Mar 16 15:35:35 GMT 2016

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Review request for kde-workspace and Plasma.


Use single Date object

Bugs: 347724

Repository: plasma-workspace


Currently the width of the date label is not fixed but changes depending on the text. This causes the entire applet to change its width (if the time is the widest displayed item). This in turn can cause all other applets in the same panel to move whenever the displayed time changes.

This patch uses FontMetrics to iterate over all possible time strings (with different width) and chooses the widest of them as reference for the fixed width of the time label.

This way the width of the applet stays the same (unless the date is displayed and changes). The text remains centered though, which means that it can still move within the applet when the time changes.

Diffs (updated)

  applets/digital-clock/package/contents/ui/DigitalClock.qml 95bb071 



Works with horizontal and vertical panel.
Also displaying different combinations of "seconds", "date" and "timezone" works.

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