remove khelpcenter from next Plasma release?

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Wed Mar 9 15:29:28 GMT 2016

Hi all,

[For the sake of sanity, please reply to both list, this topic affects 
applications and Plasma.]

One of the topics we are discussing at the current Plasma sprint is whether we 
really want khelpcenter as part of the Plasma releases in the future. Some 
data points:

- khelpcenter is unmaintained, it has seen a rough port to KF5, but has   
  otherwise seen zero love, this shows
- just dropping it would mean that the user gets sent to a webpage containing 
  the latest version of the documentation, so khelpcenter's usecase is 
  actually just being an offline cache, fallback mechanism are already in place
- said user documentation is spotty, this is only semi-related, but still 
  doesn't exactly make a strong case for keeping it
- it uses KHTML

A casual poll among developers here at the sprint reveals that ~70% would 
rather see it gone from Plasma, the rest abstains. Nobody from my (admittedly 
small) sample really wants to keep it.

Killing it could mean that we remove it entirely (to unmaintained), or if 
anybody is interested in maintaining it making it part of Applications, or 

Let's seriously think about dropping it from Plasma 5.7 and onwards. If 
anybody is hell-bent on keeping it, this person should consider maintaining it 
as well. Unmaintained code in Plasma is not cool, and so far nobody seems to 
care enough to step up.


Sebastian Kügler    |    |

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