Policy regarding QtWebKit and QtScript

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at carewolf.com
Sat Mar 5 10:37:48 GMT 2016

On Saturday 05 March 2016, Thomas Lübking wrote:
> On Samstag, 5. März 2016 08:09:22 CEST, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> > QtWebEngine can _only_ be compiled using (free
> > as in beer) MSVC 2013. In particular, MinGW is explicitly _not_
> > supported.
> Out of pure curiosity: got details on this?
> MSVC 2013 hardly supersets the GNU toolchain and the code cannot make use
> of MSVC's "let's try to compile this junk, despite it's not nearly valid
> c++" features, because it generally still needs to compile on other
> systems.
Chromium doesn't support it, and generally we try to stick to the same 
platforms Chromium support. We haven't actually investigated how much work it 
would be to make it work. Likely it would mostly be fixes in Chromium's gyp 
files, but it could be a lot of changes that would then need to maintained. I 
also know in WebKit we had to deal with a lot of unique MinGW compiler bugs 
that needed to be worked around, we could quickly run into the same in 

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