Google Summer of Code 2016 - C# bindings for Qt

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Sat Mar 5 10:25:27 GMT 2016

Hi all,

On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 2:41 PM, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at> wrote:
> Hi Joao,
> On Thursday, March 03, 2016 19:36:05 Joao Matos wrote:
>> Hi Sebastian and the rest of the KDE community,
>> I'd like to propose to mentor Dimitar but I have no idea what the policy of
>> the KDE project
>> is regarding the possibility of allowing mentors external to the community.
>> I believe I am the best person to mentor Dimitar due to a couple of factors:
> Cool. :)
>> - Succesfully mentored Dimitar and several other students on previous GSoC
>> editions.
>> - I am the maintainer of the CppSharp project that QtSharp is based on.
>> - I am also a contributor to QtSharp so I know pretty well what needs to be
>> done and how to do it.
>> In fact, I was already planning on mentoring Dimitar under GSoC as part of
>> the Mono community,
>> but Mono was not accepted as an organization this year.
> Best is to get in touch with the KDE SoC admins on the mailinglist kde-
> soc at , they can answer your questions and get you set up to mentor.
>> On Thu, Mar 3, 2016 at 5:58 PM, Sebastian Kügler <sebas at> wrote:
>> > On Thursday, March 03, 2016 06:20:49 PM Arno Rehn wrote:
>> > > having worked with Dimitar before, I'd recommend to accept QtSharp as a
>> > > project under the KDE umbrella for this year's gsoc (if that's
>> > > possible).
>> > > Dimitar has done some good work on Qyoto and SMOKE in the past. I think
>> > > C# and Qt are a good fit, so I fully support creating bindings for it.
>> > > This project might even attract some more people from the Windows side
>> > > to contribute to Qt and KDE.
>> >
>> > A question that is probably important down the road: Can you or someone
>> > else
>> > mentor Dimitar and his project?
> --
> sebas
> Sebastian Kügler    |    |

I've invited Joao to the webapp and approved the list subscription and
post, and answered a bit there. However, since Joao and the student
are both new to KDE, I would like to ask another experienced KDE
mentor to step up to co-mentor this task.

If you are not already invited to the webapp, please send me your
google-connected account, and sub to KDE-Soc-Mentor ML.

We always like to have co-mentors for GSoC, but I think it is
mandatory for this proposal.



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