web server for appstream metadata screenshots

Sebastian Kügler sebas at kde.org
Mon Jun 13 13:03:35 BST 2016

Thanks all for the input!

On woensdag 8 juni 2016 13:46:17 CEST Burkhard Lück wrote:
> > I've been adding appstream metadata to one of the apps I maintain, among
> > that are also screenshots, in the form of a URL. That means that I have to
> > put the screenshots on a webserver.
> >
> > Do we already have a canonical location for these screenshots? 
> Scripty tracks 93 appdata files in trunk kf5
> 65 of these appdata files have a png on http://kde.org/images/screenshots/
> These pngs are also used for https://www.kde.org/applications/
> Means you have only one source for the app screenshot and don't need to
> sync  two locations

I've done that now for Cuttlefish.

The obvious problem with that is that it needs interaction from someone with 
commit rights to the website, so we created a gatekeeper here in the space 
that should be under the control of the app developer.

In practice, that means, that less app devs will provide screenshots with 
their appstream metadata, and appstream adoption is not quite excellent to 
begin with.


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