Review Request 125529: switch kde4libs defaults from oxygen to breeze

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Wed Jun 1 09:44:04 BST 2016

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for kdelibs and Jonathan Riddell.

Repository: kdelibs


This enables tighter integration with default Plasma 5 appearance in all
cases, previously all KDE4 applications would be themed using the Plasma 5
Breeze style through a kconf_update script called kde4breeze. This util
writes configs into the user home to make sure KDE4 apps appear breeze
themed. Unfortunately this does not work with sudo'd applications as they
would use a different HOME and thus use the Oxygen theme by default, making
them not fit in with the rest of the default theming.
The patch switches the default icon theme as well as widget style
from oxygen to breeze.
It also adjusts the hardcoded default color values in kcolorscheme from
oxygen to breeze
(thanks to Kai Uwe Broulik


  kdeui/colors/kcolorscheme.cpp a6650ace52117c4abcfc1893228dc23e3ab6299a 
  kdeui/icons/kicontheme.cpp d9efbb0275e1094c887bb62382d5ddb4135684d7 
  kdeui/kernel/kstyle.cpp 95a71c24842338fbe6bf5128f6fb76029960b64a 




Harald Sitter

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