Snappy sprint reporty musing

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Tue Jul 26 13:27:34 BST 2016

On Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 2:07 PM, Sebastian K├╝gler <sebas at> wrote:
> On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 1:08:28 PM CEST Harald Sitter wrote:
>> - a store REST API (of which the reference version is the ubuntu store)
> So something like this exists for flatpaks as well, and it's open source?
Note for Flatpak it's ostree repositories, not REST API's.
It's similar to flatpak repositories but not entirely. I'd assume that
the Ubuntu Store will be a tad more complex than a flatpak repository,
as they plan to have a big one for all the stuff (with a big
asterisk). For example, on the Ubuntu Store, you'd be able to have 5

> For snappy, we'd either have to use the ubuntu store (non-free, right?) or write our own from scratch?
2 things:
- it's seems that they want to set up stores within their instance, so
it's possible to have a custom one with some parameters.
- also it should be possible to set up a separate one.

> Could you expand on the distribution mechanism?
I don't understand the question.


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