kirigami moved in kdereview

Marco Martin notmart at
Sun Jul 24 18:32:54 BST 2016

Hi all,
the kirigami project has been moved to kdereview.

kirigami is a QtQuick module aimed in the future to become a framework (it has 
no dependencies by default besides Qt, optional to kdeclarative and plasma)

It can be used to build mobile applications with QtQuick (as well as very 
simple desktop applications)
its main scope is not to provide basic controls (job of QtQuickControls and 
QtQuickControls2) but more high level controls that make easier to implement 
an application conformant to the KDE HIG

more info:

its destination would be extragear, and when Qt 5.7 will be old enough for 
frameworks to depend from it, would eventually become a framework

Marco Martin

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