Review Request 128471: [kio] Some fixes for KNewFileMenu.

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Mon Jul 18 17:32:48 BST 2016

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Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.


Sorry, the earlier description was a mess :P . Hope this ones' clear.
(*The bug i have mentioned was reported by someone couple of months ago and is not confirmed yet but i can still reproduce this bug on my system even after an upgrade*)

Repository: kio

Description (updated)

This patch fixes couple of issues with KNewFileMenu.

Fix 1: When creating a new file, if a file with the default name already exist then a new name is suggested by *KIO::suggestName*. Now this works fine until the scheme of file's url is "file" but in case the scheme is "desktop" (*like when the url in dolphin is set to desktop:/ or "Folder View Settings > Location" is set to desktop:/*) then the check for file's existence fails because *QFile::exists* doesn't understand the "desktop" scheme. So *KIO::suggestName* is not called and no new filename is suggested in case a file with the same filename already exist. To fix this i used *KNewFileMenuPrivate::mostLocalUrl* in *KNewFileFileMenu::executeRealFileorDir* which will resolve "desktop:/" to the user's desktop path. 

Fix 2: If a user tries to create a new file and proceeds with the default filename then the file created will have no extension. This happens (*inside KNewFileFileMenu::executeRealFileorDir*) because the filename is read from the *Name* section of the desktop file. To fix this, read the URL from the desktop file, determine the file extension from there and append it in the filename.

Fix 3: Fix for the bug . The bug occurs because KPropertiesDialog is initialized (*inside KNewFileMenuPrivate::executeOtherDesktopFile*) with path of a resource file. Now KPropertiesDialog only show properties if the file is a local file(i guess). Thats why  clicking on "Link to Application" and then clicking 'ok' shows an error message . To Fix this i used QTemporaryFile to copy the contents of the application template shipped with kio and then initialize KPropertiesDialog with the temporary files' path.

Diffs (updated)

  src/filewidgets/knewfilemenu.cpp 2e613b1 



File Attachments (updated)

no extension and no new filename


Chinmoy Ranjan Pradhan

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