KDE Frameworks 5.24.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Jul 9 10:44:55 BST 2016

09th juillet 2016. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.24.0.

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.

General changes

  The list of supported platforms for each framework is now more explicit.
Android has been added to the list of supported platforms in all frameworks where this is the case.


  DocumentUrlDB::del Only assert when children of dir actually exist
  Ignore malformed Queries which have a binary operator without first argument

Breeze Icons

  Many new or improved icons
  fix bug 364931 user-idle icon was not visible (bug 364931)
  Add a program to convert symbolically linked files to qrc aliases

Extra CMake Modules

  Integrate relative library paths to APK
  Use "${BIN_INSTALL_DIR}/data" for DATAROOTDIR on Windows


  Ensure extracting an archive does not install files outside the extraction folder,
for security reasons. Instead, extract such files to the root of the extraction folder.


  Cleanup KBookmarkManagerList before qApp exits, to avoid deadlocks with the DBus thread


  Deprecate authorizeKAction() in favor of authorizeAction()
  Fix reproducibility in builds by ensuring utf-8 encoding


  KStandardAction::showStatusbar: Return the intended action


  Make epoxy optional


  [OS X] make kded5 an agent, and build it as a regular application

KDELibs 4 Support

  Remove KDETranslator class, there's no kdeqt.po anymore
  Document the replacement for use12Clock()


  Add support for KNewPasswordWidget


  Allow KDocTools to always locate at least its own installed stuff
  Use CMAKE_INSTALL_DATAROOTDIR to look for docbook instead of share
  Update qt5options manpage docbook to qt 5.4
  Update kf5options manpage docbook


  Move glass theme to kde-look


  Use QGuiApplication instead of QApplication


  Fix applying inherit value for outline shorthand property
  Handle initial and inherit for border radius
  Discard property if we caught an invalid length|percent as background-size
  cssText must output comma separated values for those properties
  Fix parsing background-clip in shorthand
  Implement background-size parsing in shorthand
  Mark properties as set when repeating patterns
  Fix background properties inheritance
  Fix applying Initial and Inherit for background-size property
  Deploy the khtml kxmlgui file in a Qt resource file


  Also search catalogs for stripped variants of values in env var LANGUAGE
  Fix parsing of env var values WRT modifier and codeset, done in wrong order


  Add support for loading and using an icontheme in a RCC file automatically
  Document icon theme deployment on MacOS and Windows, see https://api.kde.org/frameworks/kiconthemes/html/index.html


  Allow timeout in reset_oom_protection while waiting for SIGUSR1


  KIO: add SlaveBase::openPasswordDialogV2 for better error checking, please port your kioslaves to it
  Fix KUrlRequester opening file dialog in wrong directory (bug 364719)
  Fix unsafe KDirModelDirNode* casts
  Add cmake option KIO_FORK_SLAVES to set default value
  ShortUri filter: fix filtering of mailto:user at host
  Add OpenFileManagerWindowJob to highlight file within a folder
  KRun: add runApplication method
  Add soundcloud search provider
  Fix an alignment issue with the OS X native "macintosh" style


  Add KExtraColumnsProxyModel::removeExtraColumn, will be needed by StatisticsProxyModel


  kjs/ConfigureChecks.cmake - set HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H properly


  Make sure we have a size to offer (bug 364896)
  Fix "Download dialog fails when all categories missing"


  Fix notify by taskbar


  KNotifyConfigWidget: add disableAllSounds() method (bug 157272)


  Add switch to disable KParts' handling of window titles
  Add donate menu item to help menu of our apps


  Fix name of QDialogButtonBox's enumerator "StandardButtons"
  Remove the first attempt to load library because we will try libraryPaths anyway
  Fix crash when a method exposed to Kross returns QVariant with non-relocatable data
  Do not use C-style casts into void* (bug 325055)


  [QueryMatch] Add iconName


  Show Scrollbar Text Preview after a delay of 250ms
  hide preview and stuff on view content scrolling
  set parent + toolview, I think this is needed to avoid task switcher entry in Win10
  Remove "KDE-Standard" from encoding box
  Folding preview on per default
  Avoid dashed underline for preview & avoid poisoning of line layout cache
  Always enable "Show preview of folded text" option
  TextPreview: Adjust the grooveRect-height when scrollPastEnd is enabled
  Scrollbar preview: use groove rect if scrollbar does not use full height
  Add KTE::MovingRange::numberOfLines() just like KTE::Range has
  Code folding preview: set popup height so that all hidden lines fit
  Add option to disable preview of folded text
  Add modeline 'folding-preview' of type bool
  View ConfigInterface: support 'folding-preview' of type bool
  Add bool KateViewConfig::foldingPreview() and setFoldingPreview(bool)
  Feature: Show text preview when hovering over folded code block
  KateTextPreview: add setShowFoldedLines() and showFoldedLines()
  Add modelines 'scrollbar-minimap' [bool], and 'scrollbar-preview' [bool]
  Enable mini-map scrollbar by default
  New feature: Show text preview when hovering over the scrollbar
  KateUndoGroup::editEnd(): pass KTE::Range by const ref
  Fix vim-mode shortcut handling, after behaviour changes in Qt 5.5 (bug 353332)
  Autobrace: don't insert ' character in text
  ConfigInterface: add scrollbar-minimap config key to enable/disable scrollbar mini map
  Fix KTE::View::cursorToCoordinate() when top message widget is visible
  Refactoring of the Emulated Command Bar
  Fix drawing artifacts when scrolling while notifications are visible (bug 363220)


  Add a parent_window event to Plasma Window interface
  Properly handle destroying a Pointer/Keyboard/Touch resource
  [server] Delete dead code: KeyboardInterface::Private::sendKeymap
  [server] Add support for setting the clipboard selection DataDeviceInterface manually
  [server] Ensure that Resource::Private::get returns nullptr if passed a nullptr
  [server] Add resource check in QtExtendedSurfaceInterface::close
  [server] Unset SurfaceInterface pointer in referenced objects when being destroyed
  [server] Fix error message in QtSurfaceExtension Interface
  [server] Introduce a Resource::unbound signal emitted from unbind handler
  [server] Don't assert when destroying a still referenced BufferInterface
  Add destructor request to org_kde_kwin_shadow and org_kde_kwin_shadow_manager


  Fix reading Unihan data
  Fix minimum size of KNewPasswordDialog (bug 342523)
  Fix ambiguous contructor on MSVC 2015
  Fix an alignment issue under the OS X native "macintosh" style (bug 296810)


  KXMLGui: Fix merge indices when removing xmlgui clients with actions in groups (bug 64754)
  Don't warn about "file found in compat location" if it wasn't found at all
  Add donate menu item to help menu of our apps


  Do not set peap label based on peap version
  Make network manager version checks in runtime (to avoid compile vs. run-time (bug 362736)

Plasma Framework

  [Calendar] Flip arrow buttons on right-to-left languages
  Plasma::Service::operationDescription() should return a QVariantMap
  Don't include embedded contrainers in containmentAt(pos) (bug 361777)
  fix the color theming for the restart system icon (login screen) (bug 364454)
  disable taskbar thumbnails with llvmpipe (bug 363371)
  guard against invalid applets (bug 364281)
  PluginLoader::loadApplet: restore compatibility for misinstalled applets
  PluginLoader: improve error message about plugin version compatibility
  Fix check to keep QMenu on screen for multiscreen layouts
  New containment type for the systray


  Fix check that CPU is valid
  Handle reading /proc/cpuinfo for Arm processors
  Find CPUs by subsystem rather than driver


  Mark helper exe as non-gui app
  Allow nsspellcheck to be compiled on mac per default


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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