Minuet (music education software) moved to kdereview

Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at kde.org
Sat Jan 30 15:07:27 GMT 2016

On Friday, January 29, 2016 6:53:23 PM CET Sandro Andrade wrote:
> Question: Minuet uses TiMidity++ and freepats as run-time
> dependencies. Should I improve CMakeLists.txt to detect such
> installations (they aren't libraries, maybe some ugly check is
> required) as a way to hint packagers to add those as Minuet's
> dependencies?

Hi, if they are really only runtime dependencies, a README.packagers that 
clearly states such dependencies is the better way to go.
The rationale behind this is that for packages the build-process is usually 
decoupled from running applications (at least for binary distributions). The 
building is done on different systems than those the compiled software will be 
executed. So, a CMake check would be misleading, since such dependencies are 
not needed for building. Moreover they have to be specifically setup as 
runtime-dependencies to be automatically installed for the users.


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