PSA: KAccounts now requires two env vars set

Martin Klapetek martin.klapetek at
Mon Jan 18 20:06:38 GMT 2016

Because of a co-installability issue with other DEs [1]
that use the accounts-sso tech, I had to change the location
of the provider and service files we ship. This was decided
after discussing with upstream.

To make KAccounts/libaccounts actually read those from
the new locations, two new env variables will be needed:


So please make sure you add them to your systems.
Distro people - please make sure this is set in Plasma
sessions (and ideally in Plasma sessions only).

Your existing accounts should not be affected by this change.

However you won't be able to add new or change accounts
if you don't have these two env vars set. It's recommended
to clean rebuild all things installing providers or services
(currently known to me are ktp-accounts-kcm, kaccounts-providers
and purpose iirc).

This change will affect the Applications 16.04 release.

[1] -

Martin Klapetek | KDE Developer
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