KDE Frameworks 5.25.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Aug 13 12:23:53 BST 2016

13th August 2016. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.25.0.

KDE Frameworks are 70 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  Qt >= 5.5 is now required


  Follow HTTP redirects

Breeze Icons

  update mail- 16px icons to recognize the icons better
  update mic and audio status icons to have the same layout and size
  New System Settings app icon
  add symbolic status gnome icons
  add gnome 3 symbolic icon support
  Added icons for Diaspora and Vector, see phabricator.kde.org/M59
  New icons for Dolphin and Gwenview
  weather icons are status icons no app icons
  add some links to xliff thanks gnastyle
  add kig icon
  add mimetype icons, krdc icon, other app icons from gnastyle
  add certificate mimetype icon (bug 365094)
  update gimp icons thanks gnastyle (bug 354370)
  globe action icon is now no linked file please use it in digikam
  update labplot icons according to mail 13.07. from Alexander Semke
  add app icons from gnastyle
  add kruler icon from Yuri Fabirovsky
  fix broken svg files thanks fuchs (bug 365035)

Extra CMake Modules

  Fix inclusion when there's no Qt5
  Add a fallback method for query_qmake() when there's no Qt5 installation
  Make sure ECMGeneratePriFile.cmake behaves like the rest of ECM
  Appstream data changed its preferred location


  [KActivities-CLI] commands for starting and stopping an activity
  [KActivities-CLI] setting and getting activity name, icon and description
  Added a CLI application for controlling activities
  Adding scripts to switch to previous and next activities
  Method for inserting into QFlatSet now returns index along with the iterator 
(bug 365610)
  Adding ZSH functions for stopping and deleting non-current activities
  Added isCurrent property to KActivities::Info
  Using constant iterators when searching for activity

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Many improvements to the output formatting
  Mainpage.dox has now higher priority than README.md


  Handle multiple gzip streams (bug 232843)
  Assume a directory is a directory, even if the permission bit is set wrong 
(bug 364071)


  KBookmarkGroup::moveBookmark: fix return value when item is already at the 
right position


  Add DeleteFile and RenameFile standard shortcut


  Add DeleteFile and RenameFile standard action
  The config page has now scroll bars when needed (bug 362234)


  Install known licenses and find them at runtime (regression fix) (bug 353939)


  Actually emit valueChanged


  Check for xattr during config step, otherwise the build might fail (if 
xattr.h is missing)


  Use klauncher dbus instead of KRun (bug 366415)
  Launch jumplist actions via KGlobalAccel
  KGlobalAccel: Fix deadlock on exit under Windows


  Support percentage unit in border radius
  Removed prefixed version of background and border radius properties
  Fixes in 4-values shorthand constructor function
  Create string objects only if they will be used


  Greatly improve the performance of makeCacheKey, as it is a critical code 
path in icon lookup
  KIconLoader: reduce number of lookups when doing fallbacks
  KIconLoader: massive speed improvement for loading unavailable icons
  Do not clear search line when switching category
  KIconEngine: Fix QIcon::hasThemeIcon always returning true (bug 365130)


  Adapt KInit to Mac OS X


  Fix KIO::linkAs() to work as advertised, i.e. fail if dest already exists
  Fix KIO::put("file:///path") to respect the umask (bug 359581)
  Fix KIO::pasteActionText for null dest item and for empty URL
  Add support for undoing symlink creation
  GUI option to configure global MarkPartial for KIO slaves
  Fix MaxCacheSize limited to 99 KiB
  Add clipboard buttons to checksums tab
  KNewFileMenu: fix copying template file from embedded resource (bug 359581)
  KNewFileMenu: Fix creating link to application (bug 363673)
  KNewFileMenu: Fix suggestion of new filename when file already exist in 
  KNewFileMenu: ensure fileCreated() is emitted for app desktop files too
  KNewFileMenu: fix creating symlinks with a relative target
  KPropertiesDialog: simplify button box usage, fix behavior on Esc
  KProtocolInfo: refill cache to find newly installed protocols
  KIO::CopyJob: port to qCDebug (with its own area, since this can be quite 
  KPropertiesDialog: add Checksums tab
  Clean url's path before initializing KUrlNavigator


  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: fix assert in index(0, 0) on empty model
  Fix KDescendantsProxyModel::setSourceModel() not clearing internal caches
  KRecursiveFilterProxyModel: fix QSFPM corruption due to filtering out 
rowsRemoved signal (bug 349789)
  KExtraColumnsProxyModel: implement hasChildren()


  Don't set parent of sublayout manually, silences warning

Package Framework

  Infer the ParentApp from the PackageStructure plugin
  Let kpackagetool5 generate appstream information for kpackage components
  Make it possible to load metadata.json file from kpackagetool5


  Remove unused KF5 dependencies


  applications.menu: remove references to unused categories
  Always update the Trader parser from yacc/lex sources


  Do not ask for overwriting a file twice with native dialogs
  added FASTQ syntax


  [client] Use a QPointer for the enteredSurface in Pointer
  Expose Geometry in PlasmaWindowModel
  Add a geometry event to PlasmaWindow
  [src/server] Verify that surface has a resource before sending pointer enter
  Add support for xdg-shell
  [server] Properly send a selection clear prior to keyboard focus enter
  [server] Handle no XDG_RUNTIME_DIR situation more gracefully


  [KCharSelect] Fix crash when searching with no present data file (bug 300521)
  [KCharSelect] Handle characters outside BMP (bug 142625)
  [KCharSelect] Update kcharselect-data to Unicode 9.0.0 (bug 336360)
  KCollapsibleGroupBox: Stop animation in destructor if still running
  Update to Breeze palette (sync from KColorScheme)


  [xcb] Ensure the compositingChanged signal is emitted if NETEventFilter is 
recreated (bug 362531)
  Add a convenience API to query the windowing system/platform used by Qt


  Fix minimum size hint (cut-off text) (bug 312667)
  [KToggleToolBarAction] Honor action/options_show_toolbar restriction


  Default to WPA2-PSK and WPA2-EAP when getting security type from connection 

Oxygen Icons

  add application-menu to oxygen (bug 365629)

Plasma Framework

  Keep compatiable slot createApplet with Frameworks 5.24
  Don't delete gl texture twice in thumbnail (bug 365946)
  Add translation domain to wallpaper QML object
  Don't manually delete applets
  Add a kapptemplate for Plasma Wallpaper
  Templates: register templates in own toplevel category "Plasma/"
  Templates: Update techbase wiki links in READMEs
  Define what Plasma packagestructures extend plasmashell
  support a size for adding applets
  Define Plasma PackageStructure as regular KPackage PackageStructure plugins
  Fix: update wallpaper example Autumn's config.qml to QtQuick.Controls
  Use KPackage to install Plasma Packages
  If we pass a QIcon as an argument to IconItem::Source, use it
  Add overlay support to Plasma IconItem
  Add Qt::Dialog to default flags to make QXcbWindow::isTransient() happy (bug 
  [Breeze Plasma Theme] Add network-flightmode-on/off icons
  Emit contextualActionsAboutToShow before showing the applet's 
contextualActions menu (bug 366294)
  [TextField] Bind to TextField length instead of text
  [Button Styles] Horizontally center in icon-only mode (bug 365947)
  [Containment] Treat HiddenStatus as low status
  Add kruler system tray icon from Yuri Fabirovsky
  Fix the infamous 'dialogs show up on the Task Manager' bug once more
  fix network wireless available icon with an ? emblem (bug 355490)
  IconItem: Use better approach to disable animation when going from invisible 
to visible
  Set Tooltip window type on ToolTipDialog through KWindowSystem API


  Always update the Predicate parser from yacc/lex sources


  hunspell: Clean up code for searching for dictionaries, add XDG dirs (bug 
  Try to fix language filter usage of language detection a bit


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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