Getting Includes Right

Elvis Angelaccio elvis.angelaccio at
Sat Apr 30 16:37:27 BST 2016

2016-04-30 17:16 GMT+02:00 Allen Winter <winter at>:
> Howdy,
> Frederik sent me bug for Krazy about
> how to include Qt headers in KDE code, as described at
> I believe with K5 we decided that #include <QFoo> is correct and we should
> not be using #include <QtModule/QFoo> any longer.
> If so, I can edit the wiki accordingly.  I just wanted to double-check the policy.

What about something like #include <QtConcurrent/QtConcurrentRun> ?

AFAIK it's currently not possible to just #include <QtConcurrentRun>.
Yet krazy complains about this (e.g. in [1]).

Should this be fixed at the Qt level? (this looks like an
inconsistency on their side)
Should we just add //krazy:exclude comments?

Or maybe krazy could just ignore QtConcurrent includes?


> -Allen


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