[Kde-bindings] A new attempt on PyKDE5 binding generation

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Apr 3 22:04:48 BST 2016

On Sunday 03 April 2016 20:27:27 Shaheed Haque wrote:
> What seems to be causing ripples is my suggestion that I call the
> *tool* to create the SIP files something relating to PyKDE5. That made
> sense to me since the tools is all about making SIP wrappers for all
> of KDE(5) that wants them. Similarly, the current name of the git
> repo is pykde5.git and I plan to land the KF5 bindings there.
> However, as I suggested, some non-KF5 projects may find it convenient
> to host their bindings there too (subject to the what little I
> understand about the current CMake setup), and so that name too made
> sense to me.

What do you think about simply dropping the 5 from the name and instead 
using the 5 as major version number? So, instead of PyKDE5 it would be 
PyKDE v5.x.

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