remove khelpcenter from next Plasma release?

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Fri Apr 1 14:38:45 BST 2016

Hi Yuri,

On Wednesday, March 09, 2016 06:37:09 PM Yuri Chornoivan wrote:
> Yes. That's what I meant.
> But generally, I cannot say that I like the way the things are going. The  
> UserBase project does not have significant updates on applications pages  
> (although it was claimed that users are willing to write docs online),  
> there is a trend to sweep docs under the carpet, move them online, cut off  
> docs from applications, compile and package without docs, release without
> docs at all. That's not pretty and fair.
> Sorry for being too rough. Please forgive me.

Being rough is fine, as long as you're also specific and constructive. You're 
not, so your being rough is just a useless rant, not something anybody can 
really work with.

How about you point out concrete problems and solutions for them? Most of us 
are not here for listening to rants, but want to actually improve something. 
Don't poison the atmosphere for those people.

The effect of your email (having written docs quite extensively in the past 
year) is that you're generalizing way too much, to the point I feel offended 
(and stupid for doing the unrecognized work in the first place).

sebas |

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