Spectacle moved to KDE Graphics, future of KSnapshot?

Boudhayan Gupta bgupta at kde.org
Sat Oct 17 10:28:42 BST 2015


As of today the transition is more or less complete, in the sense that:

1. Spectacle has been included in the Applications 15.12 release cycle.
2. The KSnapshot icon has been symlinked to Spectacle for the next
Breeze release.
3. Spectacle now installs its own khotkeys file, with three shortcuts
(start GUI, background full-screen screenshot and background active
window only screenshot).

Can we now drop KSnapshot from the Applications release-unit and move
it to Extragear? Once we do this I'll do two things:

1. Remove printscreen.khotkeys from KHotkeys and make KSnapshot
install that file instead.
2. Manually make a KSnapshot release with the update on the same day
the new KHotkeys is released (with Plasma).

This should take care of the final hurdles with the transition and
also make hotkey handling self-contained.

-- Boudhayan

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