Remove legacy session management support?

Andreas Hartmetz ahartmetz at
Thu Nov 26 22:20:24 GMT 2015


While looking at ksmserver, which is already a bit too big to be easy to 
understand, I noticed that it still has about 500 lines of code to deal 
with applications that don't yet speak the "modern" (from 1993) XSMP 
session management protocol.
kwin seems to have some more code for legacy session management. I was 
planning to remove it from ksmserver but it only makes sense if it's 
also removed from kwin.
So, does anybody know of any relevant application that supports only 
legacy session management? The scheme seems to be called
WM_COMMAND / WM_SAVE_YOURSELF for lack of a better name.
KDE applications switched to XSMP with KDE 2.0.

There is also some chance that the legacy support was broken anyway 
during 2->3, 3->4 or 4->5 porting because it hasn't been used...


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