Causes of session management problems in Plasma 5

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Tue Nov 24 02:31:30 GMT 2015

I'll object to no interaction after logout. More than once I've asked "why is logout taking so long, Jumped to a terminal (not always konsole) to look.

 Also, on Windows (at least) a running terminal application will block logout so I may need to kill the application while in a logout context.  I'm not sure how this relates to konsole on other platforms, but it seems like the use case exists. 

On November 23, 2015 7:02:46 PM CST, Andreas Hartmetz <ahartmetz at> wrote:
>As apparently one of the last users of session management, because I 
>shut down my computers about once every day, I run into problems about 
>as often as I log into a session that is supposed to be restored.
>The number one problem is Konsole just not restoring.
>So I took some time to investigate the problem. The result is that
>are several bugs that conspire to break session restore. It goes about 
>like this:
>- ksmserver (the session manager) sends clients the "SaveYourself" 
>  message and collects the responses. This works fine.
>- In Qt applications, this results in a call to 
>  QGuiApplicationPrivate::commitData(), which calls 
>  QApplicationPrivate::tryCloseAllWindows() after the part that sends
>  the SaveYourselfDone response to the session manager.
>  When QGuiApplication::quitOnLastWindowClosed() is true (the default),
>  this results in the application quitting.
>- ksmserver notices that (e.g.) konsole has terminated and purges it
>  from its internal data
>- ksmserver rounds up remaining processes, which at this point do not 
> include konsole, and saves their restore data. konsole thus has saved 
>  its state, but ksmserver forgot about it and doesn't remember to do
>  anything with konsole when restoring the session later.
>The two most obvious errors are thus:
>- QGuiApplicationPrivate::commitData() calling 
>  QApplicationPrivate::tryCloseAllWindows(), together with
>QGuiApplication::quitOnLastWindowClosed() being true by default. Quote 
>  from documentation of signal QGuiApplication::commitDataRequest():
>  "You should not exit the application within this signal. Instead, the
>  session manager may or may not do this afterwards, depending on the
>  context."
>  Note that it says session manager and afterwards, not QGuiApplication
>  and virtually immediately.
>- The session manager not "locking down" or better copying the list of
>  clients *while* logging out. This would arguably only help buggy
>  clients, but may still be a net positive.
>  Why copy the list? Logout may be canceled, so it is valuable to keep
>  the main client list updated for after logout cancellation.
>- Bonus: I've found that KMainWindowPrivate::init() calls 
>  QCoreApplication::setQuitLockEnabled(true), which is equivalent to
>  QGuiApplication::setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(true), which is either
>  redundant with the default or overrides something the user has
>  explicitly changed. I noticed this while trying to narrow down the 
>  problem with a call to 
>  QGuiApplication::setQuitOnLastWindowClosed(false) from konsole's
>  Application class. Which is not a good solution, but sufficient as a
>  proof of concept fix. That fix works as far as session save and 
>  restore are concerned.
>So now I wonder what the chances are to fix those bugs.
>- Make ksmserver more robust in the face of clients dying too early,
>  sure. I hope to get around to it Soon(TM).
>- Remove QCoreApplication::setQuitLockEnabled(true) from 
> KMainWindowPrivate::init() - seems like a good idea to me, objections?
>- Remove any window closing from QGuiApplicationPrivate::commitData() -
>  this is actually an old feature that was even modified in 2014 to
>  fix a problem on Windows(?!) - I guess that one is there to prevent 
>  interaction after session saving, but it's a very crude way to do 
>  that. IMO it would be better to do nothing, it would be even better 
>  to block user input and possibly I/O handling for the duration of 
>  logout and unblock them when logout is canceled.
>  Note: the Windows fix is about the method being expected to *kill*
> the application, which probably comes from a lack of knowledge about X
>  session management which is the main purpose of that method. Commit
>  9835a63dde06a1e5d2f in qtbase.
>I'd be grateful for any additional insight and / or historical 

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