Please review Snorenotify (Finish Incubating)

Hannah von Reth vonreth at
Wed Nov 18 22:48:28 GMT 2015

Hi there,
Mario guided me until now through the incubation process and we think it is time to move Snorenotify from playground to extragear.Snorenotify is a notification framework supporting Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.It is not meant to replace Knotifications, it is more targeted on Qt applications without dependency to the plasma desktop, so it might become a backend for Knotifications.
I guess you can find the most important information here
Besides Snorenotify there is also Snoretoast, a sub project of Snorenotify,  is a command line application and used within Snorenotify for the Windows Toast notifications.The application can only be build using the Microsoft compiler.
So it would be great if Snorenotify could become a official KDE library and maybe even a framework someday.Currently it is used by Quassel and Tomahawk but hopefully more will start to use it soon.
So please review Snorenotify.
If you find the idea of Snorenotify useful or you fancy notifications, like I do, feel free to contribute ;)  or start to use Snorenotify.
Thanks :)


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