KPeg (Board Game) moved to KDE Review

Ronny Yabar Aizcorbe ronnycontacto at
Wed May 27 11:43:02 BST 2015

Hi all

I was working on improving KPeg, an implementation of the Peg Solitaire
Game[0]. The game is designed for one player and consists of pegs on a
board with holes, the goal is to remove all pegs from the board except one.

The game was in playground for some years, so I recently requested to move
it to KDE Review[1].  I think I fixed all the issues, added documentation,
added sounds and ported the game to KF5. The game is quite stable and uses
libkdegames classes like KGameRenderer, KgTheme, KgDifficulty and KgSound.

I was reading the KDE Application Lifecycle, so I am copying this email to
kde-core-devel/kde-games-devel lists.

The goal is that KPeg can be part of KDE Games and I am willing to maintain
it and continue adding new features.

Can you please test the game and/or provide some feedback and make some
comments about the request?



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