building kio on Mac

Scarlett Clark sgclark at
Tue May 26 17:12:13 BST 2015

On Tuesday, May 26, 2015 12:06:22 PM Allen Winter wrote:
> % kdesrc-build kio
> Could not locate file "kf5/kdoctools/customization" in
> ("/Users/allenwinter/Library/Application Support", "/Library/Application
> Support") Could not locate file "kf5/kdoctools/customization" in
> ("/Users/allenwinter/Library/Application Support", "/Library/Application
> Support") Error: Could not find kdoctools catalogs
> kdesrc-build kdoctools succeeded though.
> I recall this was a QStandardPaths thing. but I forgot the trick to solving.
> help.

-DCMAKE_INSTALL_BUNDLEDIR="{instPrefix}/Applications/KF5" -
DDATA_INSTALL_DIR="{instPrefix}/Library/Application Support"

need to be in your cmake command.
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