Porting to KF5 - kimageio question

Alex Merry alex.merry at kde.org
Sun May 10 19:39:07 BST 2015

On Saturday 09 May 2015 22:54:49 Martin Koller wrote:
> I'm working on porting kolourpaint to kf5.
> Now I find the following:
> &mimeType);
> The comment says: Use QMimeType::name() instead().
> However this seems incorrect.
> typeForMime() returned a format string usable for QImage::save(), e.g.
> "image/png" returns "PNG"
> QMimeType::name() returns the name of the mime type, which is again
> "image/png", which I can not pass to QImage::save()
> (typeForMime() gives the X-KDE-ImageFormat field from the desktop file, and
> the mime type is in the X-KDE-MimeType field)
> So, is there a REAL alternative for this method ?

Ah, you want QMimeType::suffixes() instead, since QImage types are essentially 
file extensions.

I had plans a while back to submit a patch to Qt to do implement the 
equivalent of typeForMime and its inverse properly (using the data in the 
QImageFormat plugin metadata), but never got round to finishing it. Hopefully 
I'll have the time and energy to pick that up again at some point.


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