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Scarlett Clark sgclark at
Wed May 6 21:48:55 BST 2015

Please help me help you,
I do not have lists containing who needs / wants what and where.. I tried my 
best to make some educated guesses.  I do not take rejection well and so 
I ask anyone that wishes to have your CI builds in email or IRC please tell 
me the rpoject and places you want them to go.  If I already set you up and 
you wish for my bots to go away, speak now or forever hold your peace.
I am available in many places, whatever is convenient for you..

1) Reply to this email
2) Send email to sgclark at
3) ping sgclark on many irc channels including #kde-sysadmin
4) create a ticket on
Thank you for your help,

PS: I promise to document all this so this will not happen again.
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