Review Request 123186: Add autohint checkbox to KCM fonts

Andrey Bondrov andrey.bondrov at
Mon Mar 30 16:42:38 BST 2015

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Review request for kde-workspace, Martin Gräßlin and Eike Hein.

Repository: plasma-desktop


We need to add autohint checkbox to KCM fonts, this feature is requested by various users downstream (for example, see ).

I patched kde-workspace 4.9 in 2012, now I'd like to submit my patch upstream to have this feature in Plasma 5 for every distribution.

BTW, LXQt already added autohint option to font settings several monthes ago:


  kcms/fonts/fonts.h d98bbe2 
  kcms/fonts/fonts.cpp 9b065e6 
  kcms/fonts/kxftconfig.h 8e79595 
  kcms/fonts/kxftconfig.cpp 2cc3a1b 



Old KDE 4 patch was used by ROSA and OpenMandriva since 2012, no issues with it. I had to adjust it a bit to follow Plasma 5 changes but in general it's old well-tested patch. Seems to work fine for me.


Andrey Bondrov

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