Gitorious going offline

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Mar 16 18:49:08 GMT 2015

El Dilluns, 16 de març de 2015, a les 17:28:43, Ivan Čukić va escriure:
> From
> > System notice: Gitorious is being acquired by GitLab and
> > will shut down end of May. Please import your
> > repositories to
> We still have a few projects on there. One notable being Grantlee (at
> least, my kdesrc-build looks for it over there).
> I guess this should be dealt with sooner than later. :)

If by *we* you mean KDE, no we don't have anything there, the manifesto is 
quite clear that to be a KDE project you have to be in KDE infrastructure, 
which gitorious is not.

But yes, there's a few things that would be nice saving like grantlee or 
krazy, but it's up to those projects to decide if they want to be hosted in 
KDE repos or in github or where.


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