Changing the licence of parley's editor model classes from GPL to LGPL

Rahul Chowdhury rahulc93 at
Sun Mar 15 09:47:30 GMT 2015


I, and Inge Wallin ( CC'ed in this email ),
have been working on a project on moving
the editor of parley into libkeduvocdocument.
For that we have moved the model classes of
parley's editor into keduvoc, and used them in
the entire codebase of parley instead of the
old model classes.

But on doing so we have encountered a problem.
The old model classes of parley are GPL'ed ,
but the rest of the keduvoc classes are LGPL.
I think it would be better if the rest of the model classes
are also changed accordingly.
We would like to hear your suggestions on the same.

The branches of libkeduvocdocument and parley
where the task is implemented has been put up
on reviewboard, please find the links to them below
if you want to take a look :-

I have tried to get a list of all the people who
have worked on the old model classes,
and here is what I have come up with-

  * Frederik Gladhorn
  * Amarvir Singh
  * Avgoustinos Kadis    * Javier Goday    * Daniel Laidig
  * Andreas Xavier
  * David Capel
  * Christian Muschick
  * Albert Astals Cid

Thanks and Regards,

Rahul Chowdhury
( rahulch in IRC )
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