Frameworks compiler and Qt requirements after Qt 5.7?

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Fri Jun 26 15:30:25 BST 2015

On Friday 26 of June 2015 16:24:50 Mark Gaiser wrote:
> Hi,
> If Qt's plans progress according to what they post on the mailinglist then
> Qt 5.6 will be LTS, 5.7 will up the compiler requirements to the following:
> GCC 4.7
> Clang 3.2
> MSVC 2012
> Framework currently requires:
> GCC 4.5
> Clang 3.1
> MSVC 2012
> When frameworks started it had slightly less strict compiler requirements
> then Qt had. But now that Qt is upping the compiler requirement, we should
> follow as well. In fact, we should probably also update the Qt version
> requirement which right now is at 5.2.
> I have no clue when Qt 5.7 will be released, but i'm guessing around this
> time next year. Frameworks currently is at version 5.11 (5.12 coming up).
> If we add a year to that then frameworks is at version 5.24 when Qt 5.7 is
> released (big guess!). So why don't we change our requirements starting
> with frameworks 5.25 (nice number as well)? I'd propose changing it to the
> following:
> Qt 5.7 minimal requirement
> GCC 5.1 (or somewhere in 5.x)
> Clang 3.6.1 (or perhaps even 3.7)
> MSVC 2015

Even if we change the required version of Qt, why would we need to increase 
the compiler requirements? I think that if we decide to go this way, we should 
follow the same route: Qt requirements for Frameworks.
That said, I think that bumping the minimum required versions of a specific Qt 
version immediately after its release would be a bit too much.


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