Another proposal for modernization of our infrastructure

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Thu Jan 29 21:34:45 GMT 2015

On Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2015 21:03:32 CET, Eike Hein wrote:

> I think it's a real concern, and I'm wary of "we can patch
> it away" because carrying a huge custom patch delta for UI
> mods is what kept us from upgrading Bugzilla for multiple
> years.

Afaiu Jan's proposal, the default gerrit webui is "just yet another 
frontend on a REST API" (on a sidenote: looking at that CLI thing, I wonder 
whether and how hard it would be to have this integrated into kdevelop) - 
so I'm not *that* concerned here (assuming the API will remain rather 
stable across version iterations)

Given the multiple concerns on the gerrit webfrontend (not only in this kcd 
thread) I however also assume that it should be not too hard to get a 
serious improvement upstream.
That includes "If we endup w/ a -hypothetical- decision between 'powerful, 
but the webfrontend sucks' and 'pretty ui, but the backend seriously falls 
short', i'd be happily willing to help on an improvement here".

(At least from my POV, it should be simpler to fix some GUI than to get a 
well scaling replication and CI backend - by the order of some magnitudes 

> cluster - do we have one? Where are we going to get that horsepower? Can
> we keep it?
That indeed is a severe issue.
Having CI on precombined patches is a *really* great feature and, walking 
around in a candy shop, I'd immediately drop a whatsoever shiny glossy 
button UI to get one (and regardless on the actual tool - I would seriously 
want that with phabricator, gerrit, reviewboard, ...), but if the feature 
is not affordable, it's not a feature at all :-(

@Ben, Since this is mostly a peak performance limitation:
are there any statistics on the arrival of review requests? (It doesn't 
help if we've the power during the week, but on Sunday afternoon, when 
everyone wants to submit patches, you'll have to wait until Tuesday for the 
results) - we might require some EC2 here to get this?


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