Another proposal for modernization of our infrastructure

Jan Kundrát jkt at
Thu Jan 29 11:25:57 GMT 2015

On Wednesday, 28 January 2015 13:14:14 CEST, Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> Navigation through the code is difficult, you cannot see the 
> complete change in one, but have to go through each file. This 
> is something I consider as unfortunate as normally I prefer reading the 
> changes to the header before the implementation, but due to alphabetic 
> ordering we do not have this. Unfortunately when navigating through 
> the change to get to the header file the implementation is marked as 
> "you have reviewed it".

Hi Martin, thanks for an excellent idea, sorting headers before actual code 
changes makes a lot of sense. I have a quick'n'dirty patch at [1].

Git has a config diff.orderfile option which might solve this reasonably 
well. Do you think that the following sorting order is reasonable for a 
KDE's default?


> What I also find bad is that you actually need to know the "magic" keyboard 
> shortcuts to use it in a sane way.  And the shortcuts are to be honest 
> strange: "]" is a key which is great to use on an English layout but on 
> many other layouts it's just a very cumbersome to use key.

Do you have some suggestions on how this could be improved? Upstream is 
quite friendly, and I'll be happy to offer patches which improve the user 



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