Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at
Wed Jan 28 22:11:17 GMT 2015

> Automatically? Cool then i have to do nothing next time! \o/

Sorry if I get something/anything/everything wrong. Just to say it again: I am 
a very new and very unexperienced developer. I "just" implemented some 
functionality for KPA using the libraries we're talking about. I have no idea 
what's happening "behind the scenes". I only saw that neither libkface, nor 
libkgeomap had a dedicated release, which is not desirable for what I 
implemented. And Gilles (who is apparently responsible in some way for both 
libs) asked me to ask here for a move of the sources inside KDE's cvs, which 
has already been done for libkface.

If you consider this action appropriate for libkface, but inappropriate for 
libkgeomap it's a pity for KPA (which is, as said, the first non-Digikam 
program to use those libs), but I simply can't tell you why the Digikam team 
does or does not do anything. As well, I have no idea what has to be done so 
that some sources in KDE's cvs are packed to a release tarball.

Just to leave this here ... I hope there will be also some consensual solution 
for libkgeomap (not only for libkface).

Cheers, Tobias

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