Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at
Wed Jan 28 14:17:59 GMT 2015

> As you (or they) describe the situation, it seems like kdegraphics is a
> dumping ground for stuff which is developed on its own anyway, but whose
> maintainer refuses to release on its own.  This sounds *bad* to me,
> especially that digikam is released so often, that having to release
> some extra library from time to time (*) should not be an huge overload.

Well ... I'm not developing neither libkface, nor libkgeomap; we're just using 
both libs here at KPhotoAlbum (and would thus like to see distributions 
delivering single libs, so that KPA won't have to pull Digikam as a dependency 
if the new features are used) ... very likely, Gilles Caulier from Digikam can 
explain the situation better than me.

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