Review Request 122270: port kcminit away from kdelibs4support

Nick Shaforostoff shafff at
Wed Jan 28 00:47:00 GMT 2015

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(Updated Jan. 28, 2015, 12:47 a.m.)

Review request for kde-workspace, Aleix Pol Gonzalez, Martin Gräßlin, and Lukáš Tinkl.

Repository: plasma-workspace


Now kcminit is linked with less libraries -> startup time improved

I also suggest always setting KDE_MULTIHEAD=true to eliminate ini file access during startup and to be able to stop linking against QtGui

Diffs (updated)

  startkde/kcminit/CMakeLists.txt ffae38c 
  startkde/kcminit/main.h 1140b77 
  startkde/kcminit/main.cpp 4724323 



compiled, ran 'kcminit --list' and kcminit AAA


Nick Shaforostoff

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