Apps 14.12 release aftermath / Running KF5 apps in KDE 4

Eike Hein hein at
Mon Jan 26 15:58:53 GMT 2015


it's becoming increasingly clear from feedback that we didn't
think the decision to ship KF5 apps in 14.12 through very well.

Distros are currently rolling it out as an upgrade to KDE 4
systems over the last 4.x apps, and users are running into the
following problems:

* KF5-based apps don't pick up visual settings from KDE 4 and
   can't be configured because System Settings 5 is usually not

   I believe this needs to be addressed in the QPA plugin we
   ship with Frameworks and have added a new BKO product for
   the plugin as well as opened a ticket:

* Some apps apparently don't use the support class to migrate
   the app config file to the fd.o location, which means from
   the user POV they lose all settings for the app.

   Here we need to go through every app and check and fix it,
   and make sure we don't ship anything without that QA check
   again on future ports.

I cross-posted this to k-c-d and r-t for visibility - I suggest
we discuss the Frameworks side on k-c-d and the release QA side
on r-t.


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