Review Request 120119: KRecursiveFilterProxyModel: Fixed the model

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Review request for kdelibs and Stephen Kelly.

Bugs: 338950

Repository: kdelibs


(This problem probably applies to KF5 as well, and we'll need to forward port this patch.)

KRecursiveFilterProxyModel: Fixed the model

The model was not working properly and didn't include all items under
some circumstances.
This patch fixes the following scenarios in particular:

* The change in sourceDataChanged is required to fix the shortcut condition.
The idea is that if the parent is already part of the model (it must be if acceptRow returns true),
we can directly invoke dataChanged on the parent, resulting in the changed index
getting reevaluated. However, because the recursive filterAcceptsRow version was used
the shortcut was also used when only the current index matches the filter and
the parent index is in fact not yet in the model. In this case we failed to call
dataChanged on the right index and thus the complete branch was never added to the model.

* The change in refreshAscendantMapping is required to include indexes that were
included by descendants. The intended way how this was supposed to work is that we
traverse the tree upwards and find the last index that is not yet part of the model.
We would then call dataChanged on that index causing it and its descendants to get reevaluated.
However, acceptRow does not reflect wether an index is already in the model or not.
Consider the following model:

- A
  - B
    - C
    - D

If C is include in the model by default but D not and A & B only gets included due to C, we have the following model:
- A
  - B
    - C
    - D

If we then call refreshAscendantsMapping on D it will not consider B as already being part of the model.
This results in the toplevel index A being considered lastAscendant, and a call to dataChanged on A results in
a reevaluation of A only, which is already in the model. Thus D never gets added to the model.

Unfortunately there is no way to probe QSortFilterProxyModel for indexes that are
already part of the model. Even the const mapFromSource internally creates a mapping when called,
and thus instead of revealing indexes that are not yet part of the model, it silently
creates a mapping (without issuing the relevant signals!).

As the only possible workaround we have to issues dataChanged for all ancestors
which is ignored for indexes that are not yet mapped, and results in a rowsInserted
signal for the correct indexes. It also results in superfluous dataChanged signals,
since we don't know when to stop, but at least we have a properly behaving model
this way.

Diffs (updated)

  kdeui/itemviews/krecursivefilterproxymodel.cpp 6d6563166bcc9637d826f577925c47d5ecbef2cd 
  kdeui/tests/CMakeLists.txt f661b9177a6e0e1de7f49bc3cb9fbb5e04f427c1 
  kdeui/tests/krecursivefilterproxymodeltest.cpp PRE-CREATION 




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