State of kdesvn?

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Wed Jan 21 17:24:02 GMT 2015

Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
> I recently tried to fix some bugs in kdesvn but got stuck because there
> is nobody who can review my patches. Rajko Albrecht as the original
> maintainer stopped the development of kdesvn sometime in 2013 and the
> other two project members (David Faure and Christophe Giboudeaux) have
> no time to dig deep into the subversion api for a proper review.
> Therefore I'm asking for help and suggestions how to go further. Maybe
> there are some people on this list who are still working with subversion
> and kdesvn and are interested in the further development of kdesvn.

I'd say just commit/push the patches. If there's no maintainer, there's also 
nobody to complain. :-) ("Wo kein Kl├Ąger, da auch kein Richter.")

        Kevin Kofler

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