SFLPhone-KDE is now Ring-KDE and is moving to kdereview

Elv1313 . elv1313 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 22:20:52 GMT 2015


I pushed some changes to:

* clean the BookmarkModel d-pointer issues
* rename Contact "d" to d_ptr
* Remove the legacyhistorybackend as import from 2 years old version
isn't important anymore
* Fix the cmakelist duplicated line

Missing d-pointers:
* The ringtone model, a new version is in a github branch, I have yet
to review and merge it
* SecurityEvaluationModel is currently being rewriten, fixing it now
is pointless, the new version wont be ready before this review expire

All other classes without d-pointer are interfaces or proxy models,
they don't need d-pointers.

Emmanuel Lepage

On 14 January 2015 at 18:22, Elv1313 . <elv1313 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello Albert,
> Thanks for your comments.
>> * src/abstractitembackend.h is twice in libringclient_LIB_HDRS
> I will fix that, thanks, maybe we should add a Krazy2 check for that.
> I know Laurent Model has posted one on planetkde.org for the code
> a while back, I haven’t used it yet.
>> * You have some d-pointers in some of your classes but not on others, why is
> that?
> Umm, I was under the impression I had fixed that in the commit before posting
> this email. Krazy2 doesn't seem to analyze LibRingClient yet, even if I
> checked it on projects.kde.org. Maybe it does really take more than 5 days?
> Anyhow, I will fix more of them. Some classes are really just templates aliases
> + QObject inheritance, so those obviously don't need d-pointers. Other simply
> have no private members, I am not sure if I should add d-pointer to those just
> in case, maybe I should.
>> * There's a catch regarding translations. You are using
>> $XGETTEXT_QT in your Messages.sh. That creates a .po file that only works for
>> clients that access those translations via kdelibs4 i18n() (or maybe other
>> gettext wrappers) but not (i think) via kf5 ki18n() or plain Qt tr(). For Qt5
>> we have $EXTRACT_TR_STRINGS that creates a proper .tr file to use with Qt5 (no
>> idea if it works with Qt4, maybe it does). This is a bit weird too because
>> your branch has both Qt4 and Qt5 support in the same branch but our
>> translation system is build around the expectation that there will be separate
>> branches and thus they will have different Messages.sh catering for each qt4
>> and qt5. At this stage I'm not sure what's the best thing for you guys to do
>> :/ Are you mainly targetting qt4 or qt5 for clients to use?
> The problem is that we are doing a very major release right now and the kf5 port
> is not ready yet, so it wont make the cut for our deadlines. There is 2 or 3
> other projects trying to release a fully decentralized and secure communication
> playform right now. We think we still are the closest to that, so we hurry up.
> I prefer to spend my time on security details than KF5 port for the next month,
> so we will miss the spring distribution cycle for KF5. After the 2.0 release,
> getting rid of the Qt4 support will be something I will do. I don't care about
> Qt4 at this point, but the KDE ui is still using KDE4 and I also wait for KDEPim
> kf5 support to mature before doing the switch. The others clients, such as GTK
> and OS X, use Qt5 and some patches are starting to be Qt5 only, but I don't
> want to drop Qt4 until about mid-March. I guess translation support that works
> on KDE4 is better than nothing for now. The new OSX and Gnome client don't have
> any translations yet anyway, so the fact that the few tr() in libringclient are
> not translated don't have an impact on them yet.
> As you saw, it also cause the CMakeLists.txt to be ugly and bloated and I also
> have to keep the deprecated/qt4support flag on. I also can't use the abstract
> proxy model and other classes that made their way into QtCore, nor switch to
> the much easier to lint connect() syntax. There is quite a few //TODO qt5 in
> the code. This is a (temporary) very bad situation...
> Regards,
> Emmanuel

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