Adding experimental parts to a KF5 library

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Tue Jan 13 07:08:58 GMT 2015

Hi Kevin,

I do agree that is would be a proper way to handle it. The only
problem I see with it is that the point is actually not to provide
binary compatibility, nor proper handling of BIC.

At least in the case I have. Namely, the point is for the library to
be used *only* for things that are in development - because projects
that wish to use it have a longer release cycles than the frameworks.
But, on the other hand, if one of those projects were to release a
stable version against a 0.x version of the library, it would need BIC


On 13 January 2015 at 03:27, Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler at> wrote:
> Ivan Čukić wrote:
>> - 0 soversion to show that the library has no stable ABI.
> I'd actually set both the soname and the fully-versioned name to
>, then if you change something binary-incompatibly,
>, etc. (or use etc. as the soname and something
> like as the fully-versioned name, if you really want to
> track binary-compatible changes too). Unlike libtool, CMake easily allows
> you to use such versioning, and it's really the right way to handle it. It
> allows both clearly identifying the library as preliminary (whereas
> is also very commonly used for the first stable-ABI version of a
> library) and tracking binary incompatible changes in a sane way (without
> losing the zero major version).
>         Kevin Kofler


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