Holes in KDE (fork of "Changes in Git Infra" thread)

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 02:56:42 GMT 2015

Comment often heard: we've lost $person / we're missing people to
maintain/lead/do $project. This is understandable, and to be expected
in a large, mature project such as KDE.

However, in #kde and #kde-devel IRC channels we have new people almost
daily trying to find some way to get involved with KDE. In an effort
to bring the solution and the problem together, at Akademy we
brainstormed and came up with the Mission forum [1].

What that forum needs is postings! When you as a devel are thinking
about giving up maintainership, please write a "Maintainer Wanted"
post. When fixing bugs, and seeing a valuable bit of code which needs
porting, please write that up and put it on the forum. Of course we
always need ideas for possible GSoC projects, and the forum is a good
place to post and develop those ideas. Naturally they will eventually
have to be moved to our GSoC docs, but they can be discussed and
refined on the forum.

Needed documentation, internationalization, translation, artwork,
promo, and web work are also suitable. If you have written a "help
wanted" blog or ML post in the past, dig it out and post it on the

I know devels often don't like forums, but guess who does like them?
Beginners and people who are using search engines. We need these
people to join our community and start helping out. That will happen
when we ask in a public place, which is the forum.


1. https://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=291

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